Did you know that May is National Moving Month?

From Colonial times till around WWII, in most major cities across the country, people moved on the same day, May 1st. This tradition can be traced back to the Dutch, some say that they celebrated May 1st by switching houses, because that was the day they settled Manhattan. The English and the Dutch also had “Pack Rag Day” on May 1st, where servants would leave their place of work and change their employers. This created a lot of chaos in crowded cities and became very unpopular. Streets were full of broken furniture, carriages overflowing with personal possession and people in disarray. Eventually cities gave in to the public pressure and real estate boards allowed leases to be made at any time of the year.  

May remains the most popular month to move. Here in Providence, May is when most students take their final exams and then move back home or change apartments.  Many families choose to move in May because school is ending and summer hasn’t yet begun, so this one month allows them to resettle with enough time to then enjoy summer without the hassle of having to move in the heat.

May is also a great time to spring clean and redecorate! It’s a time to switch things up, bring in brighter colors, plants, and set up any outdoor areas you might have. You’ll also want to put away the winter boots and coats and make room for summer clothes! 


At Nostalgia, our vendors also mark May as a time to switch up inventory and bring in all the summery goodness they have been holding onto over the winter. If you have just moved and are feeling inspired to decorate or need a new bookshelf or end table, there are so many to choose from.

There are also beautiful cast iron benches and planters, great vintage summer dresses, and lots of art to spruce up your walls. If outdoor entertaining is your thing, you are bound to find an incredible selection of trays, vintage glasses, bar carts, and festive lighting. So, come on in and find something original to add your new home!