The Impact of Buying Vintage & Second Hand: Why You Should Buy more Vintage!

Buying vintage, antique or second hand makes a huge impact on the environment, the economy and consumerism. The influence of your purchase goes way beyond the register, it can help shift the global demand for fast fashion and overproduction of goods. By shifting your purchasing habits away from buying everything new to buying vintage or used, you really can make a difference, here are a few reasons to start now!  

Approximately 1,800 gallons of water are required to make ONE pair of blue jeans! Look at how much water you are saving when you buy those vintage Levi jeans. The fashion industry is a dirty polluter, and every time you buy something second hand you are making a choice to not support the wasteful practices that the fashion industry is part of.

Buying vintage, antique, and second hand puts money back into your local economy as well. It is likely that the vintage store you shop at has multiple vendors that sell there, you are supporting all of those people, even if you don’t buy something from everyone. Even if you buy from a thrift store chain, they are all non-for profits that donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. The smaller you shop the bigger the impact you have locally and globally!